Moving across country with an ammo collection

Moving across country with an ammo collection; anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I do not want to do the drive myself.

I say stay in a good staffed brightly lit hotel and park your car right next to the entrance AND hopefully in front of your window.
Sorry , misunderstood the meaning of “myself”, I thought you meant “with someone else”.

If you hire a company to move your items, they most likely will not move ammunition or firearms. You can move them yourself, as I have done in the past. Or, you can pack the collection extremely well and put it in boxes marked “tools” or something else benign, as I have also done in the past. A third option, as I have also done, is contract with a company to drop a moving container at your location and you pack it yourself. All the company does is move the container from point A to point B. Keep in mind that if something happens to the container and firearms or ammunition are found, your insurance claim will be denied. It all depends on how honest you wish to be and how much risk you can tolerate. Another option is to ship it UPS or FedEx. Depending on how large your collection is, this could be very expensive. I have moved across country and half-way across country a few times and no matter how you slice it, it is a pain, even without taking our unique hobby into consideration.


This question came up early in the Woodin Lab collection sale efforts. The major gun/ammunition auction houses like Rock Island Auction, Bonham’s, etc. use shipping companies which are licensed and legal; in the Woodin case, an 18-wheeler. You might contact them and ask, as John Woodin did. Interstate transport of arms and ammunition is tricky, especially for insurance, and I found that truck rental companies like U-Haul would not rent a truck that was going to move ammunition. I guess it depends on “how much?” We all transport ammunition interstate in our personal vehicles with no problems I’m aware of. Please let us know what you wind up doing.

Collectibles Insurance Services ( does list ammo as something they DO insure, but “explosives” as something they DO NOT insure.
Under their “what we insure” section for firearms and related they state:

“Collectibles Insurance Services has been helping protect cherished collections since 1966. Our decades long experience in protecting antique to modern gun, knife and edged weapon collections of all sizes, including ammo, accessories and gun safes, translates into superior protection that values your collection as much as you do. That’s why we provide equally valuable features in coverage.” [emphasis added]

You need to check their site to see if it covers stuff during a move, either personally accompanied, or in the hands of a third party. They do cover items being taken to a show when you personally accompany them.

Aaron - If you pick up my airfare and expenses, I’ll personally drive it from point A to point B for you.

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I’ll be a co-driver, for free, just for a ride, but depending to where we are heading. Also, we don’t want to re-enact “Crocodile Dundee” in US.

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I pulled a uhaul trailer with a 12 drawer blueprint cabinet and multi boxes 18 hrs back in the day. It’s grown considerably since then. As “they” say. “Size matters” so I think it’s situation specific. My single advice. Pack your own. But that can be an issue too

Get a Uhaul and take anything valuable that you wouldn’t want anyone else to handle. Drive slow. Take a buddy if you can, and with today’s airline prices being so cheap, fly him back as a return favor. Use common sense. Good luck!

Aaron, and if Darren and I deliver your stuff, you may give us all those aweful cartridges without a side pin you have in your house. We don’t mind them without pins, even though they definitely look prettier with pins.

My family and I moved across country last year and ran into all of the issues noted above. I was unable to find any reasonable alternative (and I’m sure my collection is much smaller than yours), so I carefully packed it up and drove it across country with a few other valuables. The rest of the regular stuff was packed in shipping containers (we used ABF U-Pack for what it’s worth and were pleased with the service).

Our trip was 2200 miles and we took our time by taking several days for the trip. We never ran into any problems, but we did avoid a few gun-hostile states (mainly Illinois) which added a little extra mileage to the trip.

Another potential concern is in the southwest. When travelling through the border regions of CA, AZ, NM and TX you have checkpoint stations where vehicles may be subject to search. In the event of a check they are generally pretty reasonable, but depending upon what you have it could cause some delays -