MR 1944 OeZ

Hi guys, I have this 20mm Oerlikon case with the above headstamp. I know what the 1944 and OeZ stand for. I would like to know who MR is in this instance. The database wants to tell me it is French but I am unsure.

Also note that the flash holes have not been made with this cartridge for whatever reason.

And at last, the never ending question; what would this piece be worth roughly?

Cheers guys!20180803_203344

The format style looks more Commonwealth,(any Aussie MRs?) wrong for a French cartridge,though Manurhin did make 20mm Oerlikon,mainly post WW2.
The usual French headstamp format would be at 12,3,6,and 9 .
Also would the French have used the OeZ?.
Is the case brass or steel,does it have a projectile?

Manurhin in 1944 with this headstamp can be excluded.

I have not heard of MR factory at Rutherford, NSW making 20mm OeZ. Only MF and MD factories made OeZ. The only MR case I have is 4" Navy 102x513R.

No projectile, will check case material soon.

That is exactly what I thought, although there’s no broadarrow on the case either.

That’s what I thought too, they only made primers and propellant at Rutherford as far as I knew.

FWIW, I’m only about an hours drive from Rutherford too, so that could be a clue.

Also, the fact that it, for whatever reason, was taken from the line before the flash holes were installed… maybe swiped as a souvenir?

I looked at this image when first posted and my first inclination was to say Australian production.
I am not familiar with the Rutherford plant or it’s WW2 production. The fact that it may have only been an explosives/propellant producer does not preclude the idea that cases were manufactured with an “MR” headstamp (Footscray or Derwent). The 303 “MS” headstamped cartridge used Hendon(MH/MJ) manufactured cases but were filled at Salisbury “MS” and given that headstamp code…

I think it could be a trial at MR but think of the machinery needed to produce cases. MD cases are scarce and were all loaded at MF factory. Stopped because of a surplus of cases. Makes you wonder why Rutherford would have tooled up to make them too. We have no references so very interesting. Rutherford made bomb bodies and projectiles from what I read . Are you sure they made powder too? MR OeZ cases should have turned up in collections IF they were a production run in any quantity and have references of the production. Ron.

Another good question. When was the broad arrow added to the headstamp of 20MM OeZ?. At the headstamping stage I would think . It is missing in the case shown as Guin has stated. So still a mystery if it is British/Australian made?