Multi Environment Ammunition

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This now seems to be the US marketing entity for DSG items which are Russian/Ukrainian developments.

Interestingly the web is empty about “5 Square Technologies”. Already gone?
Not sure why you say this is Rus./Ukr., DSG is Norwegian. I’ve been in touch with the owner and they’ve been on Norwegian TV a couple of times, last time speaking about what firearms work underwater and how supercavitating ammunition works for an episode of “testing the laws of nature” where the host is shot at underwater by an SG 550.

Ole, you are right, DSG is a Norwegian company, but this bullet was designed in Russia by FGUP “TsNIIKhM” ( Later, when it was patented in the US by DSG, one of the inventors is noted as being of Ukrainian origin, but the ones mentioned in the first patent filled in Russia are all of Russian origin.



Thank you kindly for the correction. I’ve not heard of this correlation before.