Multi-stage fantasy bullet from "Wanted"


[color=#FF0000][Warning - headshot ending][/color] (not real)

I came across this video clip from the movie “Wanted” while searching for multiball ammo information online. The Google search found this “multi-stage” fantasy bullet clip from a rather vulgar website, but the video .Gif file itself is safe, and it is cut directly from the movie. I read the movie synopsis online and apparently the idea with this sequence was that it was a 7-mile shot, which is absurd of course (the projectile looks like .50 cal). You can see in the beginning how the sniper has a telescope for a sight:


This is a good example of why I haven’t seen the inside of a movie house in about ten years!

John Moss


It may just be my eyes (which were better before I stared at this thing for 10 minutes) but in one phase the projectile appears to have a left-hand spin and in the end, right-hand. Great spin, too, for there to be 0 land marks on the projectile! No deformation after going thru a human skull either. Yep, I need one of dem!