Multiple EFP - now linear

I just came across this presentation and thought people here may be interested in.
We knew multiple EFPs before but now it seems they followed the SSB system we know from small arms ammo (if that comparison is not too far fetched). By our SAA terms it will be something like a duplex or triplex EFP then. Also they do introduce new shapes of EFP penetrators.

EIDT: Typo corrected from SBB to SSB!

Amazing stuff EOD. Back in the late 70s I was down in the Armament Division of AF Labs and Acquisition. They were just beginning to work on self forging fragments for anti-armor use, no operational weapons yet. The results were amazing compared to what had existed before. The challenge was how to reliably create and control the detonation wave within the explosive mixture to create the proper shape fragment that you were seeking, from a flat disk to a long rod and all shapes inbetween.

It is not surprising that 35 years later they have learned enough to essentially form whatever fragment shape, including multiple fragments, by just entering a setting into the fuse.

Many thanks for sharing this.


EFP = Explosively Formed Penetrator

SBB = ?

SAA = Small Arms Ammunition?

Eye opening presentation.

Thanks for the link.

This presentation was made in June of 2000, 14 years ago. Makes one wonder what they can do now.




SBB = ?


Brian, sorry for using too many abbreviations AND adding a typo.

I intended to write SSB but my fingers were faster than my brain (I fixed it above now).
SSB = Salvo Squeeze Bore (the project on multipe projectiles fired as 1 shot through a conical bore - the projectiles there were “stacked” similar to the multiple linear EFPs, best known in .50 BMG)