Multiple Impact Bullets

Lethal, Semi-Lethal (!) and Less Lethal

2015 SHOT Show Press Release:

We are Looking forward to introducing our new products to you.

Multiple Impact Bullets now pack an even greater punch!

Jan 2015, Advanced Ballistic Concepts is releasing the newly improved MI-4 series products. The new design incorporates a new 4th center projectile (Center-Slug™) that travels to the shooters final aim-point to further enhance the benefit of the Multiple Impact Bullets design. The new MI-4 products when accurately fired at center-mass results in 4 wound channels delivering tremendous stopping power.

  • “ We have dramatically improved what is already being called the worlds best personal defense Ammo ”. By adding the new Center-Slug ™ to the original Multiple Impact Bullets; we have combined the High-Hit Probability of the original interconnected web-like (aka: WEB - SHOT ™) coverage of the 3x outer fragments with aim-point accuracy of the deeper penetrating new Center-Slug™.

  • “ You have to shoot one to truly understand how big of a leap forward this new Ammo is!”

  • TODD KUCHMAN (Co-founder)

          HAND GUN                         Mi-4 ™  Strike                           SHOTGUN

Since its debut 12 months ago at SHOTSHOW 2014 sales of the Original Mi-3™ (3x part bullet) design have exceeded expectations. Consumers that appreciate the advantage of Increased Hit Probability will now hit their center point as well. The new Center-Slug™ is housed in the front of the bullet like a nose cone and flies independent of the tether system down the center of fire to the final aim-point of the shooter to add one more level of stopping power.

View this (2min) video

SCIENCE of the SHOT: By using the spin from rifling to instantly/rapidly spread 3 identical fragments out from the original center of rotation, the pattern increases in size up to 3x faster than Buck-shot. This expanded pattern is ideal for C.Q.B. / Personal defense. The fact that the fragments remain tethered together result in a pre-determined ~14” (Handgun) or ~24” (Shotgun) maximum diameter spread to focus the stopping power to original line of fire. This mitigates the risk of collateral damage do to errant projectiles (I.E. Infinite expanding buckshot). Simply stated, this ammo improves the shooters chances of striking their intended target sooner with less risk to bystanders.

Contact us directly or Visit us at SHOTSHOW 2015 RANGE DAY Booth: #14: Join us at the Live Fire Range and shoot one for yourself. Tell your Readership/Viewership and us what you think! We want your opinion.

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The last time I spoke to them on the phone (about a month ago) they told me that the 9mm multi-impact load would be available in February / March. I wonder if they will be shoing them at SHOT show this month… we will find out when the blogs post photos in a few weeks.