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I have noticed problems at since “novedades” section was not updated since last year. Then I met Eduardo from Spain at SLICS and he confirmed that there were problems. May someone tell me about the future of I decided NOT to send any more scans to Jordi. Until the problems are fixed. is the result of the contributions of collectors from all over the world but the work of all these years has been only one person task until now, our webmaster Jordi. Jordi’s life has changed since his wife passed, therefore he cannot dedicate a lot of time he used to spend updating every day before, not even answer hundreds of emails with questions he receives daily from all over the world.

On the other hand, the old HTML technology, in which was created, has become obsolete. At the moment it doesn´t allow a team of several people to work on updating and uploading data. For this reason the AECC, Spanish Association of Collectors of Cartridges, has decided to create a new using the newest WEB technology. After two months of discussions, we have currently contracted a programmer to create a new website and a team of volunteers has begun to restore a huge amount of data from the old with the purpose of incorporating it on to the new one. This process will take several months of volunteers´ work. It will also require a financial support which is too big for such a small Association as the AECC. Another objective of renovating our webpage is to correct multiple errors accumulated over the years and to improve the quality of photographs. For this job we might need different specialists´ collaboration.

This is what we can say at the moment, we would like to start up a new as soon as possible but there is a lot of work to rename and classify each of thousands of photographs and existing data. We are asking for patience. We hope that the wait will be worth it. Meanwhile the old will continue working online without updates.

Those who wish to collaborate in the new could do it by donating to the AECC paypal account:



BPatrone - pardon my ignorance and stubbornness - but will this be translated into English or remain Spanish language?

I appreciate(d) for what it is and was but it being limited to Spanish sometimes makes the website more a disadvantage than helpful…


@tennsats, Chrome web browser has an auto-translate feature built into it. It handles 90% of the needed work.

Edit to Add: It doesn’t translate pictures of course, but here’s an example of it translating the 7.62x51 page at municion

I do use Google’s translator but it does have its buggy sides.


As AECC site, will remain mainly in Spanish with option to Google automatic translation. Collaborations in English are welcome and will be translated into Spanish.

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Having experience running several web sites, I’d strongly suggest using an open source platform such as WordPress. Most of the features required will be available as a plug in, which not only saves time but ensures that another programmer can take over with minimal fuss should the need arise. The problem with custom written code is that it takes a lot of time and money to pick up where the other person left off.

One of the web sites I am currently running allows multiple people (editors) to add information alongside media to create resources. It uses WordPress plugins and was created with minimal fuss. Security is simple yet robust and powerful.

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Yes, I figured so - but my question was to the WIP “” website.


Simple solution to reading the new “” website…
I taught myself Spanish by reading SP. Newspapers whilst in Europe, got a “Teach yourself” set of books on SP, and before going to Argentina to see over 28 ( at the time) cousins on my father’s side, I took about a dozen lessons from a Central American lady who spoke with a US-English accent. And a couple of weeks in R.A. did the rest.
Being fluent in Italian, and studied Latin at school helped a bit…???
Doc AV

OK, Doc, I am going to Galicia in July, and may even learn Catalan, driving to Valencia through Madrid. If there are any collectors in Barcelona or Valencia who want their pictures posted here, send me a message.

I already deal with 3 second languages on an everyday basis (English, Swedish, Finnish) in addition to my native language (Norwegian), and trying to learn basic Russian - and seeing as I don’t vacate in Spain, nor am I ever going to set foot in S. America, Spanish just isn’t rewarding enough for me to learn ;)

I did have 3 years of Spanish ten years ago but all I remember is how to order two beers and asking where the pair of blue pants are.

Ole (or olé in this case)

Multiple people adding insight would be highly beneficial as long as sources and information could be vetted. I like your idea!

Yes, Mayhem, in the future will be in WordPress to allow multiple editors and avoid the problems we are suffering now. We believe that Google’s translator technology is becoming better every day and will allow everyone to understand most of the WEB content.

We want to thank our first international sponsor. Thank you very much for your generosity John Spangler¡¡¡

So - will be Spanish language?


Yes, it will be in Spanish.

Frankly, maybe too frankly for some, disappointing.
I don’t see the point in making websites limited to “one” language in 2019, when it is arguably much, much more useful, and thus more attractive to help with/contribute to, if it is in English language.

Just my $0.02

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Just add the acute diacritical mark the the “e” in your name and you will be fine :)

Dear colleagues, I inform you that the new has started working in test mode from a new faster server. Progressively the different sections will be launched and the updated content will be uploaded. Currently there are already a few thousand photos ready to upload to the web but there are many thousands more to process.
The entire old website is also being moved to the new server and will be available for access from the home page for a long period until the new website is complete. It may not be 100% available for a few days while updating.

We ask for your patience and we thank the volunteers for their work.
Thank you


Thank you for the update!
I was already wondering what had happened.

Thank you, and everyone else involved, for their work on It is a great resource!