error's. Worth telling them?

I’ve noticed has a few errors. I’m sure error’s happen all the time, but is it worth telling them? I know if I had error’s in my website, I would want to know about them and correct them. I don’t know how to tell them, I don’t speak the language.

Anyway, several of their CCI listed headstamps are listed is being located in Lewiston (indiana). CCI is located in Lewiston Idaho. A few just say Lewiston without a state listed.

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Hello John.

All errors you have seen you can write in this email

We appreciate all your collaboration and help. Several collectors are working to change all the information that we see wrong in old web.
We are working in new web and surely we will continue to make some mistakes.

Very thanks for your help



there are other common error in mediums calibers in

most of yellow shell with red band are listed as HE-T or in reallity these are HEI
HE-T in 20mm to 35mm are very rare ,it a confusion with this red band

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Thank you all for what you do, even with mistakes.

So much information is not available at all, and it is good to post what you have, even if not perfect. It is even better when someone takes the time to point out errors and provide corrections.


Thank you for all the good work, Municion is very usefull for me. But I hope… the old one will stay. So far, it is (for me?) not possible searching for a special cartridge, the old system, for example using CF, and then a list, is very easy to use. I tried and tried in the new, but I can not (example) even find a 9mm kam cartrdige now :-(
With regards, Jaco