Munition Worker Badges

Please, could someone identify the full name of these factories? I believe both are Canadian.



The second is British and WWII vintage. There are more possibles than you can shake a stick at.

What are the maker’s details on the first one?

Tim, thanks for the help. You are right about the second one, it was made by Thomas Fattorini Ltd., Birmingham.

Sorry, I don’t have more details on the first badge.



Can’t help with your who question but can add to the thread with tins one by Birks Ottawa. It has a threaded post on the back so I’d guess a collar or lapel button.
This one is a pin-back & the back is marked Fattorini Bradford. Looks like he moved to Birmingham!

The first is the badge of the “Imperial Munitions Board” of Canada. The board was set up to oversee the production of munitions in Canada. One of their duties was to inspect munitions.

Thomas Fattorini Ltd (as it is now known) started in 1815 and in 1826 was in Leeds, albeit as an itinerant salesman. The first shop was opened in Bradford in 1831. There were subsequently other premises in Harrogate and Skipton. It wasn’t until 1927 a purpose built factory (Trafalgar Works) was built at Regent Street, Birmingham.

Here is another one. This is soldered to a Artillery shell casing.

Pete, great badges! Thanks for sharing.