Museo De Armas De La Macion - Buenes Aires

On a recent holiday to Argentina I went to the Museo De Armas De La Macion in Avenue St Fe 702 Buenos Aires. If you are ever there it is well worth a visit. It has an amazing collection of over 2000 weapons most of which are small arms. It includes some quite rare examples including a German FG42, a number Gatling guns and a Madsen 12.7mm machine gun. More importantly for this site, there is a diverse collection of different munitions including cartridge boards, cutaways, grenades, large calibre ordnance and many packets. I have attached a few pictures which do not do the museum justice. I apologise for the quality but, understandably, most of the exhibits are behind glass. A few 9mm packets and a 9mm tracer for Lew.

As I said at the beginning an excellent museum and well worth a visit if you are ever in Buenos Aires.

IMG_1932 IMG_1930 IMG_1929 IMG_1928 IMG_1926


VERY nice!

Yes indeed but alas! Argentina is not next doors… But it’s quite encouraging to see some items having them in the own collection.

Very Nice , thank you for posting.

You miss the museum of the Collectors of Arms and Ammunitions Argentine Association, their reference ammunition collection is amazing !!! Isn’t it Lew ?

I agree! It is the best collection I know of that is owned by an organization, not an individual! I spent a number of days there and only scratched the surface of the specimens and the documentation.