Museum advice sought along coastal Route 95, USA

I’ll be driving from NY to Miami along Route 95 in a couple of months and am seeking knowledge about interesting places/museums along this route. I already intend to see “Mighty 8th Air Force Museum” in Georgia. I have not been to Aberdeen for many years. Anything is left there? Any suggestion is appreciated.

I don’t have the details, but the USMC Museum at Quantico is supposed to be nice. Also, I don’t remember how close to I-95 it is, but there is a museum in Virginia near Langley AFB mostly aircraft. I think the “mile of tanks” remains at Aberdeen, but I haven’t checked back in a while.

I live in Wilmington NC now, having moved from Vermont a couple of months ago and can suggest the Battleship North Carolina as a great place to visit here. Also the museum at Fort Fisher has some interesting Civil War ordnance items. The Cape Fear Museum in Wilmington might have some Civil War items as well, as the area is rich in Civil War history. Have not been there yet but I hear it is worth a visit. There is a museum at an air force run recreation area/national guard base at Kure Beach. It was closed when we were down there last time, so I can’t say what is in there, but there are static display vehicles outside. There is also a missile test museum up the coast from here, but I don’t recall exactly where it is. You should be able to find it with a Google search.

Of course there is Pope AFB and Ft. Bragg and the Marine Corps base at Camp Lejeune and it’s satellite bases. They might have museums there. If you end up going to the Battleship, contact me and I’ll meet you there.

The Marine Corps Museum is right on 95 and is a must see.


I would highly recommend the Battleship North Carolina too. It is the only battleship I have ever had the pleasure to see. You cannot believe how big a battleship is until you are driving near it and can see the funnels and superstructure towering above the trees. At least that is the way I remember it. I was quite taken by the sight.


running parallel to I95, along the coast and a nice drive…highway 1…US Navy UDT/SEAL Museum, Ft Pierce, FL.

SKSVLAD has probably been to some of these already, but just in case, here are some recommendations:
Aberdeen, MD- Ordnance Museum- CLOSED
The museum building has been closed and about 90% of all the outdoor exhibit tanks and railroad guns have been moved to storage at Fort Lee. Although a few items remain at the old museum site, it is on post with the usual security hassles, and probably not worth the trouble.

Fairfax, VA, a little out of the way unless you take I-495 west around DC to get there.
NRA- National Firearms Museum- Utterly superb, one of the best done gun museums in the country. Not a lot on ammo but well worth the visit anyway.

Triangle, VA- just off I-95 exit 150 (about 40 miles from the NRA Museum)
National Museum of the U.S. Marine Corps- Have not personally been to this one yet, but everyone raves about it.

Petersburg, VA- I-95 Exit 54- a couple miles off the interstate, this requires going “on post” with the usual ID hassles.
U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum. They have a temporary exhibit of some items relocated from the now closed Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen, and eventually (years or decades) will have the entire Ordnance Museum open there.

Fayetteville, NC- about 5 miles off I-95. (Closed Mondays)
U.S. Army Airborne and Special Operations Museum- Another one I have not visited but gets rave reviews.

Savannah, GA- About 25 miles east of I-95
Fort Pulaski National Monument- Big brick Civil War fort, and the significant ordnance connection is that its massive walls were breeched by rifled artillery fire, pretty much spelling the end of fixed fortifications.

In Miami, I hear there is a fantastic museum of APFSDS material, as well as some nice kitties…

The Mighty 8th is a great museum to see and is right off of 95. Plan about 4 hours for your own tour, longer for guided.
Fort Pulaski in Sav GA doesn’t have much in the way of museums, but a boat ride on the Sav. river allows you to really see the shot placement better. (I was just stuck working on Daufauskie Island SC over looking the fort for two months.)
Any Marine who knows about Paris Island SC, can tell you that they have a good walking tour and museum.
(Maybe you can get in over at the Naval hospital in Beaufort SC that has a mermaid, supposedly!?!)
About 1 hour off 95 in Charleston SC they have a aircraft carrier USS Yorktown with tours and museum.

Sksvlad (and anyone else traveling the 95 corridor) I live 15 mins off of 95 in Pineland SC, about 30 mins from Sav. GA and run a “halfway house for wayward hunters” on 80 acres that backs up to 100,000 + acres of private hunting land. Anyone driving thru drop me an email, or ring. Love to meet other cartridge collectors. (Its also deer season until Dec 31!)
Kevin (wolfganggross)