Museum around Hartford CT (Pics added)

I will be visiting the USA around Hartford CT next week.
Any recommendations in terms of museums regarding Colt or Springflied Armoury?
Thanks in advance

Colt collection appears to reside in Museum of Connecticut History You’ll be 30min away from Springfield Museum
You’ll be 1 hour away from Groton,CT Submarine Force Museum and 2 hours away from West Point Academy Museum

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Thank you very much. Highly apreciated!

Viel gluck

I have been visiting Hartford and Springfield.
The Colt Collection in Hartford is quite small but very nice to see, lots of specimens.
Not very much ammunition related, may be 10 items. Pics will follow
Springfield Armory is much bigger good well informed extreme friendly and supportive staff.
The curator there is Mr. Alex MacKenzie.
The very nice thing there is that they have very rare items there, i.e. a Dardick Revolver, a FG42 and many Prototypes.
Besiddes of the guns there re a few ammunition related items, one to name a Pedersen system for the Springfield 1903 small bottlenecked pistolsize .30 caliber cartridges in a magazin for target practice (I have pic, will when I am back home).
At the other side they have some old manufacturig machines, lots of informatio about the manufacturing processes.
Both museums can be looked at eaysily in one day as the distance between them is some half hour drive.

I would not describe the .30 Pedersen cartridge as either bottle-necked or for target practice. The conversion device and its cartridge, on which the 7.65 mm French Long cartridge was based, was an experiment in increasing firepower in trench warfare. It was not a device intended for target shooting. Devices, perhaps as few as one each, were also made for the 1917 Enfield and the Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant, probably because Remington made both those models of rifle and the Pedersen device was pretty much a Remington project. W. B. Edwards had the devices for all three rifles (the two mentioned and, of course, the major one, the '03 Springfield). I was fortunate enough to get to examine them at his San Francisco Store, Gold Rush Guns, years ago.

John Moss

Try to visit Ontario, Canada and seek Canadian Military Heritage Museum Your eyes will pop out.

ok, here are some pics
The Colt Collection:

Springfield Armory:
Interesting sign when you enter the museum ;-)

Pederson Device
@ John: I see what you mean it is a cylindrical cartridge not bottlenecked. Thanks for mentioning

Unfortunately the magazin is override by some mirror effect. But basically the magazin is inserted at a 45° angle.

Some M79 Ammo

Remington Revolver trinagular Ammo
Does anyone know more about this round?

I am travelling quite a bit for my company. So any time there is a little space and I know some muesums I try to visit them. Unfortunately I have not been to Ontario before but will see what future brings.
For some german museums I would recommend the Munster Tanks Museum, the technical museum of Berlin and the Ingolstadt Army Museum

Very nice. If you come to New York City, send a message to me. I’ll take you to West Point Academy Museum

It would appear more professional if they had the correct ammo shown for the 40mm M79 launcher instead of the displayed 40x53SR for AGLs.