Museum Castell de Montju

Last week I visit Barcelona(Spain)
I want to show you a couple of pict’s

I hope you like it.

old canons

The Castell (Castle) de Montju

I spent a day there back in my Navy days. REALLY! I really did go to a few museums whilst on liberty. Honest!
Long story short, we fired a few saluting rounds upon enetering port, hence my two 40MM saluting hulls. Their salute was returned from this fort. Figured I’d go check out their “system”, as it looked pretty neat from our vantage point.
Besides the vast array of guns, swords and such, Gyrojets’ passing comment of “lead soldiers” does not do their displays justice. As I recall, these were large, glass enclosed tables filled with all the Army men a kid could only imagine, set up to depict various battles of the past.
I’ve promised myself, over the years, that it would be one of the places I would return to if ever given the chance. And considering I now have #1 Son and Heir assigned at RAF Lyneham as a Lockheed tech rep, I have hopes a trip will be in the offing. After visiting as many UK mil-type museums as possible, plans are for a Normandy trip and I’ve hinted at the Barcelona museum. Time, money and energy will prevail, but the potential has improved.
Thanks Gyrojet, for reinvigorating my memory. Great pics. Send me more if you got’em.
The salutuing hull is the short one on the right.[/img]


those are great photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.


A FEW?? I’ll bet I can count all the museums you visited on one finger.

I’ve been to Barcelona a couple of time myself and I don’t remember no museums. :) :)

Did you ever find a fuze for that 40mm case? If you can find something close and give me some dimensions I might be able to make an adapter for you. I’d need thread sizes, etc.



Two! I swear. Did the Jacque Cousteau Oceanographic Museum in Monaco. I was a diver back in those days. Fit into my field of interest, as it were. And the Acropolis! Did that, too, not that it’s a museum, per se, but historic. REAL historic! Don’t remember much of that trip as we were testing the finer qualities and effects of oozo. Don’t remember much of that cultural expanision at all. Do recall oozo pretty much sucks, taste wise. Sorta like pastis, only nastier, if that’s possible.

Still no correct fuse. Will remeasure and get back with you. Thanks.

I’ve been to that museum a couple of times. It’s one of my favourite museums, partly for the setting (there’s a fantastic view over Barcelona from the top), partly for the contents, and partly for the rare pleasure of enjoying a cold beer while sitting in the sunshine, surrounded by heavy artillery!

There are some ammo displays too, with a case which includes a couple of very rare 20x100RB Oerlikon Type L rounds (I salivated over those). During the Spanish Civil War they did of course draw in every surplus gun that arms dealers could unload on them, so got all sorts of odd stuff.

One of the your pictures shows a twin AA cannon. They are clearly early-pattern Oerlikon guns, but I was unable to determine whether they were Type L or Type S (the more usual 20x110RB); any markings had been painted over. Anyone happen to know?

On this top you can find the museum

The Fantastic view over Barcelona…

One of the things I like about this Forum is the guys are not afraid to go a little far afield. It is a better site for that. Just as some of the pictures of animals and trees posted by our frined in Florida, these pictures of Barcelona posted by Gyroject are not only beautiful, but educational. I had no idea the city was so large! There are other things in life besides cartridges, adn while this is a cartridge forum, and we all love it for that, it alos is a general education in a lot of other things in the field of armament and general subjects, thanks to the great bunch that uses it.

Thanks for these pics, Gyrojet. I wish I could get on a plane right now and fly to Barcelona to see the beautiful city, some friends that live there, and to visit that great museum.

The last 2 pictures look almost like the port of Haifa.

Jon - I thought the same about Genova, Italia. It even looks a little bit like San Francisco, although Barcelona’s port is a real working port and much more modern than San Francisco’s. the Longshoremen’s Union, under the Communist Harry Bridges (not a political statement - he simply was and proclaimed so), fought cargo containers tooth and nail when they started using them, for two reasons, I am sure. It did reduce the number of workers needed to unload a ship, but on the S.f. Port, stolen cargo was a big business, and it made it harder to steal from as well. At any rate, it killed the port as a working port. Everyone took their business to Oakland, across the bay from us, or to Seattle-Tacoma, Washington, and Long Beach, California.

Let;s see now, I am taling about ports and ships, and ammunition is usually imported on ships - Yes! this posting is justifiable! Hee! Hee! O,K., not about cartridges, but beautiful pictures and interesting regardless.


Did the museum have any really old weapons?


Gyro, you rock with the pics. I am happy this thread got pushed back to the top again. What a awesome military museum.


Are these old enough !!

regards Gyrojet

Great pictures.

Gyro, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve cropped one of your pictures.

I think this is an Astra Mod 400 in 9mm Bayard Long, what a long extended magazine it has. Was it for aircrew to use in the old biplanes before machine guns were fitted ?

[quote=“Armourer”]Great pictures.

Gyro, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve cropped one of your pictures.

I think this is an Astra Mod 400 in 9mm Bayard Long, what a long extended magazine it has. Was it for aircrew to use in the old biplanes before machine guns were fitted ?

I believe that on the second to last row on the right there are also a Plus Ultra with its 22 shot mag, and maybe even a Sunngard 50rd pistol, though its hard to say from the pics.

The Astra 400 was developed from the Campo Giro Model 1913/16 and came out in about 1921, after the period when they already had MGs on aircraft and even the interruptor to allow shooting through the propeller arc.

I have never seen any reference to this magazine, but I have seen references to 16 round magazines for the Astra 400, so they certianly experimented with increasing the capacity of these pistols from the original 8 shot magazines.

Are these old enough !!

regards Gyrojet[/quote]

Actually I was looking for stuff more from the late medieval period.

Gyrojet - well, this question has nothing to do with ammo, but in the very first picture of this wonderful thread, there are two signs for the Museum. One is in Spanish - is the other Catal

Hi John

I have no idea,maybe the Spanish members will know???