Mushroom bullet


For a long time I search this 7.63x25 Mauser cartridge for a collection . But I have not enough information on this cartridge. I know that it was made by company “Kynoch”. I know that the bullet was made by the company “Westley Richard”. But for what this bullet and when this cartridge was made?


It is the Westley Richards all range bullet, patented in 1889/99 I believe. Designed to increase the ’ stopping power ’ , IAA Journal 457 has a lot of information on this cartridge.


Thanks for words about the patent. I have found this patent. The designer of this bullet is Leslie Bown Taylor. The patent is received in 1899. I will read the description from the patent. But where I can read IAA Journal 457?


To buy a back copy of the Journal for $5/copy you can go to the top right corner of this page and you will see a link to the IAA Main Page. On the left side of the IAA Main Page are a number of blocks with links. At the bottom of the 5th block you will see a block to buy copies of old IAA Journals.

If you want to see what else is in the Journals you can try the index to IAA Journals at the link in the top of the 5th block.




thanks you very much


IAA a forum a magic place. I had the offer from England and now this cartridge on a way to me.

p.s. Expensively!


I found one Westley Richards all range cartridge at the Calgary gun show last year.
I just looked down on Mervs table and there it was.
So keep searching-they are out there.



Found also one between my pistol stuff.

Unfortunately I see no head stamp. Not even a tiny “K” from Kynoch.
Is this correct?



I yet have not control over it. But basing on photos of the seller I can tell that I has headstamp “k * b *”

Gentlemen, if you see this cartridge on sale, tell to me please contacts of the seller.

If you see on sale cartridges 7.63x25 Mauser and you will be assured that they very old - tell to me please contacts of the seller.

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