Muzzle loading cartridges

Anyone know if muzzle loading cartridges made by Gaston Pecholt are modern or old? Address is Union City TN. Powder used is listed as DuPont Indian which I believe is old.

Gourd, these are modern cartridges made by Gaston M. Pechholt, a Belgian gunsmith born in 1930 who worked during a brief period of time for Dixie Gun Works. I believe these were made in the mid 1950’s.

Dixie Gun Works in Union City TN (north of Memphis) has for many years been a major supplier to the muzzle loading fraternity, and carries a wide range of black powder guns (original and reproduction), gun parts, and shooting supplies and equipment of every description. Anyone traveling anywhere near Union City should go out of their way to make a visit.

Thanks Fede and Dennis. Have been away for two weeks so just caught up with the answer. “rolled my own” during my muzzle loading days so never purchased any “Factory ammo”. From the address figured it had to be connected to Dixie.