My ammo collection!

I believe so John. From what I understand this isn’t the case in NSW or VIC but I am not sure about other states or territories.

Here we have to provide a reason for wanting to collect ammunition but it is only a paragraph. However, once the license is granted you are not restricted to your initial area of interest. Being a member of a registered association is important and I think this is becoming mandatory now.

We also have restrictions on special loads and cannot collect anything live that is 20mm or larger. Cost here is $305 (US$220) but that licenses you for five years. Each year thereafter it is about $50 a year if I recall correctly. The reason for making the initial fee so big is to discourage non-serious applications.


Unless I am living in blissful ignorance, in Queensland the only requirement for collecting SAA is to belong to a recognised club. So far I am not aware of any costs involved. I’m sure there would be restrictions on larger calibres.