My collection 3




I also have many of those rounds and would like to know what there are Please,

Thanks, Joe

Matt can possible ID most if not all of those - i was pretty impressed he was able to tell next to everything shown in gundoos other collection picture.

I´d also like to see an estimation from an experienced collector.

I guess i see several Action types, one Black Talon, a possible Glaser, one KTW, one (possibly more than one?) QD, one THV, one CEPP and one NGA Sentry.
No idea about most of them though and know most of them only from literature, so i´m eager to learn from people who have hands-on experience.

Thanks Unique, How Can I E-Mail Matt?

If an ID of all the cartridges is given, PLEASE, post it here too, and don’t keep it secret in emails…
I have several (>20) of the rounds on the picture as well and wonder about positive ID on the bullet types.


Hi Joe,

i don´t know - i´ve never emailed a member of the board before.

I guess, you could try to get in touch with him using the board. He goes by the nick “DKConfiguration”.

Best luck.


I’ve sent Matt a PM inviting him to join in on the conversation.

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Many Thanks

Thanks BD

I’ll do as many as I can. They are, from left to right, starting at top:

Row 1: 1. unknown FMJ, 2. unknown JHP, 3. Glaser Safety slug (gen 2), 4. MEN “QD1”, 5. Aguila “IQ”, 6. Not sure - the earlier version of the Primtake “counter-terror” load?, 7. A version of the Extreme Shock “AFR” ?, 8. KTW Teflon-coated solid brass, 9 & 10, MEN “QD-1” varieties

Row 2: 11. Swedish training load, 12. Extreme Shock “AFR”, 13. Extreme Shock “CT-2” in rare blue color (usually was green), 14. NGA “Sentry” black tip, 15. IVI frangible for MP5’s, 16. unknown JHP, 17. Lapua “CEPP”, 18. unknown FMJ, 19. unknown JHP, 20. Geco “Action” load in black?

Row 3: 21. unknown FMJ, 22. unknown JHP, 23. unknown truncated FMJ or frangible, 24. Geco “Action-3”, 25. unknown JSP, 26. PMC “Starfire”, 27. Lapua “CEPP”, 28. early Magsafe “defender” load (shot in resin), 29. Geco “Action-3”, 30. original MEN “Quick Defense”

Row 4: 31. unknown JSP, 32. unknown FMJ, 33. Geco original “Action” load, 34. Extreme Shock “Fang Face”, 35. early Winchester “SXT” ***, 36. NGA “Sentry”, 37. unknown JHP, 38. unknown JHP, 39. Corbon “Pow’R’Ball”, 40. unknown JSP

Row 5: 41. Geco “Action-1”, 42. unknown truncated FMJ or frangible, 43 & 44 - Hirtenberger EMB’s ?, 45. unknown JHP, 46. Federal / Speer RHT frangible, 47. unknown, 48. PMC frangible, 49. SFM “THV”, 50. Glaser Safety slug blue

*** = Early “SXT” load, immediately after Winchester changed the name from “Black Talon”, but briefly kept the black coating for a time. Has an 8-segment JHP instead of 6 like the earlier Black Talons or subsequent SXT’s.


This is great!

Thank you Matt! Very much appreciated!


What is the headstamp of Row 2: 13. Extreme Shock “CT-2” in rare blue color (usually was green)??


Nr 20 is DAG ACTION 5 (black plaste-tip)
Nr. 24 is NOT Action 3, but Action 4 (yellow plastic-tip)
Nr 30 is not an early QD, but the MEN SP Deformationsgeschoss
Nr 33 is not an ACTION Load, but an early EFFECTNOSE 7,15 Gram

Pics attached Action 5: (Nr 20)

Action 4: (nr 24)

MEN QD (SP): (Nr.30)

DAG Effectnose (Nr 33)

DAG%20EFFECTNOSE%20FRONT%20q DAG-Effectnose%20%207-15Gramm%20--%20Geco%209mm%20BS

To identify the named Action 1 positiv, the pic of the hs is needed, as also the Action 3 existed in the beginning with the Brown plastic-tip and not the green…That cames later…And the green tip can depending on the hs, also be an Action Effect for Netherlands, not only the Action 3…

Have fun

Peter, #30 can be an early QD aswell as an SP. It depends on the headstamp.

P1090287 P1090288

Have a nice day, Richard

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