My collection (so far)


Over the past year many of you have helped me, answered my questions and identified casings and projectiles.

I only started collecting around 14 months ago so my collection isn’t top notch, or may not be impressive to many of you, but I just thought I would share what it’s like so far.

Throughout my metal detecting journeys I have found many bullets between the late 1800s-1962, as well as purchased and collected many calibers along the way.

I currently have 134 different display grade casings, but with metal detecting finds, my casings total around 160 different. Along with my 64 different projectiles.

My collection will soon expand to larger projectiles and larger rifle shells + cannon shells.

As many of you have helped me and bits and from me here and there I just thought I would share!

Thankyou for all your help and identifying, I’m sure I’ll have more questions and unknown cartridges soon.

Reguards Hamish.


Cartridge collecting is very addictive. Pretty soon you’ll want more and more! Tom from Minnesota

Cartridge collecting being addictive must be the understatement of the day
no it is worse it is a desease it is pretty bad when someone is at the end
of lives journey and is still looking for more knowing very well that in my
case due to location and personell situation the whole thing most likely
will go into a garbage can.or the bottom of a lake as things develope
here in Canada and I suspect that moment is not far away.


Thats a beautiful collection! Really nice! Like, Tom, said, collecting these items and studying their history is crazy addictive. Before you know it, you will need a special room for the collection :-)


Looks great! I really like the display.

Very nice indeed.

My collection of auto pistol cartridges is not spectacular, but it is fairly good. I started out collecting them (at first, 9 x 19 only) to go with a small Luger Pistol collection, now long gone. After some months my collection was (Wow! :-( ) nine cartridges, and I thought I had covered it pretty well. I think for a starting collection, you have done a heck of good job. Welcome to the fraternity.

John Moss

Would hate to see any member’s years of collection sent to the bottom of a lake or garbage can. Has any deceased member ever willed their entire collection to the IAA when they died? Wish the younger people would be more active in this hobby!

I really like the idea of donating to IAA my friend just passed away and who knows what is going to happen to his collection as he has no family left.

It’s something every member of the IAA and any other collector should think about. Lot of us have singles that are just that. No duplicates exist. Give it some thought!

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I wouldn’t as much call it a disease or say anything negative about collectingas I can’t see any. Many cartridges are a part of history that should not be lost and should be preserved, I only just turned 18 so still have a long road ahead of me and look forward to it, as long as I can help it I will continue collecting and I hope to pass on knowledge and hope that my children will continue my collection after I pass.

Regards Hamish.


Hamish - Great to see a young man like you getting into the hobby. It has been increasingly, for the most part, an interest for people with a lot of grey hair, like me. Wonderful to see a young man with an interest in this. Please let us know what you collect, if you have any particular type or caliber you especially are interested in.

John Moss

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. -Ger

A great hobby that can last a life time, enjoy.

Hello John, Like stated I have 134 different display grade bullets, ranging from the .22 acorn to the .50 bmg. I’ve been looking at buying some
Large cannon shells and start another sub collection of larger cannon shells.

However I have recently discovered, a few larger rifle calibers that I would like before I move onto cannon shells. Two of the main shells I would like are the 14.9mm SOP, .450/577 martini and the .950 jdj, but am struggling to get spent shells in Australia, but any shell I come across that I do not yet have I will be sure to obtain.

I was also looking at obtaining my collectors licence and gun licence so I can hold live ammunition.

Regards Hamish.

Hi Hamish,

Welcome to a wonderful world which is a fascinating hobby and study.
Where are you situated in Australia??


Hello John, right on the coast of South Australia, below mount gambier. Which is where many of those bullets were found. At an old gun range I have mentioned in many posts, hard to get a lot of calibers being in Australia, but I eventually get them!


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Howdy Hamish,
You may want to consider joining Australian Cartridge Collectors Association Inc. We have regular meetings (2 in SA), & the ACCA holds regular auctions during the year to give you a chance to satisfy some of your addiction! welcome to the wide world of Cartridge collecting, I’ve been in it for 40 yrs & I am still getting my jollies from this fascinating historic subject.
Regards Ozzi.