My favrolite cartridge

Who has one of these in their collection?

It is amazing that the glass counter actually supports the weight.

Mine is steel

I don’t have one! So could you tell me what it is please?


8 inch 55 Mk 1 Mod 3. This round was fired by the USS Newport News during a raid on Haiphong harbor in 1972. The ships’ Dentist brought it home.

More information,

Stamped into the base: NIV Lot 3 1-1968 55
DR 517763 8IN MK1 MOD3

In ink: ALN DX-18-S1-68
SPD 10137

In the ships’ Cruise Book it shows pictures of sailors with fire axes knocking holes in the sides and throwing them overboard. What a waste of brass.

Incredible, looks like a stovepipe. I wonder what the powder charge is on one of those!

Approx 85 pounds

Powder Charge was 78 lbs.
Projectile weight was 335 lbs
Velocity was 2500 FPS
Rate of fire was 10 rounds per minute per gun
Range 17 to 19 miles
These were the Mk 16 guns.

Go here to view the operators manual:

Rats, I don’t think my RCBS Uniflow powder measure can throw 546,000 grains without the extended hopper. Better scratch this cartridge off my list.