My first 8 gauge shell

My dad came home from work today and had a surprise for me. He works at Daigle Oil, and he mentioned that I collect ammo to a customer. The guy came out with an 8 gauge fired shell he reloaded with dimes. He found the empty on the grounds of the nearby mill. I never heard the report of one of those monster kiln guns, though.


Your appetite is growing…stimulated by the wonderment of the “oddities” out there.

Realize that odd and rare are sometimes subjective until you find there a “tons” of an item out there.
(when I was starting I was intrigued that there were three color tipped rounds (red, black and blue)…little did I know!!!

Here is an older photo of my 8 ga rounds

There are 100’s more “out there”

Some are $2 ea…some $25 and up for the oddest of the odd

I would love to be a fly on the wall when you venture in to your first cartridge show…it will be an experience !!!

PS…Kiln & industrial rounds…not to be confused with engine starters (search the forum for that thread)