My first attempt

U 48 303.pdf (64.9 KB)
Hi All, my first attempt at scanning a cartridge. still got a few things to figure out. advice please.

looked pretty dark on my screen. And if you convert it to a “JPG” file you can just drag it onto your post.

Your scanner must produce some kind of picture file, like jpeg, NOT P.D.F. (portable document file). Just attach jpeg. It will be visible automatically while PDF must be first downloaded. Makes it easier for the viewer, that’s me and Pete. Also, play with scanning resolution. Making scans in low resolution makes them appear fuzzy, like out of focus.

Thanks Pete and Sksvlad, I used a pdf to save under my 303 folder. I will still add description etc. I need to get this worked out as i am more than doubling my collection in a few hours thanks to @Henk.