My first day as member and already 2 questions Pictures added


Bought a new collection with a lot of odd stuff…

Has anyone got info on a .50 BMG HV.
Apparently a .50 BMG bullet in a ?? 60mm exp. case.??

Bullet is copper with no coloring on tip.
Looks like regular .50 ball bullet.

Note with cartridge says marked barrel erosion.
Franklin Institute in PA

Second question is a W.C.C. cartridge.
Belted magnum HS W.C.C. and 60 No other marks. .30 cal.


Pictures are worth a thousand words.

The W.C.C. 60 sounds like a 300 AMU, but some dimensions would be great.


Actually it’s a 60 H.M.G. (Heavy Machine Gun) cartridge that’s been necked down to 50cal.
Others in the same “family” would be the 20x110 USN (60HMG necked up) and 20x102 (Vulcan) (same as the USN, but with a shorter neck).


Information pertaining to the initial work on .60/.50 high-velocity cartridge-



Welcome & a photo of the Cal. .50 HV bullet would be welcome.


I’ll post picture asap.


Thanks…Looks like a .50 on steroids.



Actually as I dug deeper into collection I found some 60 machine gun ammo and their cases are clearly larger than this .50 H.V. It is NOT a .60 necked down.

Other possibilities??


H.W.S. Vol. II 1940 - 1945:
Cal. .50 High Velocity, .50-20mm or 20mm/.50. The cartridge case is a 20x110mm Hispano-Suiza necked to .50.


From H.W.S. Vol. II, page 240

50 HV