My first display

Hi All, just wanted to show you a picture of my first display that I finished this weekend. I’m just missing a few cartridges to finish it.

The plaques I created on power point and then laser etched in to black painted aluminum. The board is wenge, a naturally black wood. I created a template and used a router to make the pockets for the cartridges.




I would call it an eye catcher.

Very beautifully done! If I saw it somewhere, I would think it is a display made by a company that creates such things professionally. Great work!

John Moss

Look’s great.

VERY nice!
What are you mssing?

Very nice Joel!
I went through my collection, but I didn’t find any dupes. It looks like you need:

.338/378 Weatherby Magnum

5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum

.300 Remington Ultra Magnum

.300 Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum

.25 Winchester Super Short Magnum

I’ll keep an eye out at the August show.

Very well done Sir!

Thanks! I’m pretty sure I have .300 RUM, .300 RSAUM, and .25 WSSM, I just couldn’t find them when I went through my collection. This weekend I’ll sort through them again and try to find them. I think I’m just missing the .338/378 and 5 mm RRM. If I can’t find them this weekend in my collection I’ll see if I can find them on line.

Very nice display! I like that you added the dates of introduction for each cartridge. Thanks for sharing.

Outstanding! Looks like a professional board.

That’s INCREDIBLE! Major skills, talent and massive creativity! Like, John Moss, said, it looks factory made. Its beautiful !


Your a very talented person, beautiful job…

Joel if that is your 1st display, I definitely look forward to more.
Jim C

If you still haven’t found your 5mm RF Magnum, I’d be happy to give you one. Are your cartridges still live, or have you made them inert?

Thanks Guy! They are all live. I like being able to handle and compare the different rounds and they just don’t have the same feel if they aren’t live! I’m going to search through my collection this weekend to find which rounds I am missing and I’ll let you know.

My goal is to make several more displays like this focusing on different manufacturers. It takes me a long time since I work full time and have 3 small kids… you know how it goes… But I guess that’s what a hobby is for! I hope to have a number of displays ready for the next cartridge show in Arizona.

By the way, how do people transport their cartridges out of state for the big yearly show in Pennsylvania? I would love to go to that some time with some displays.


Hi Joel
Depends how your going, if you drive just take them along. If you fly you have to ship, as you can only carry 2 kilos of ammunition per person, so UPS or Fed-X GROUND.
The really big show is St Louis. I drive & usually have some extra room.

In spite of what you might think, those of us who are retired don’t seem to have much time to get any projects completed either.

Wow! Very detailed and beautiful work.
Something nice to hang up in a man cave .

Wow, very professional looking. Great work!

If you still need the .300 RUM, I have one sitting on my desk, under the monitor I’m reading this on. Let me know if you need it.