My first post.....Amorces Primers

Greetings to all. Have been a member for a short time, and finally decided to jump in and post a question.

In my Primer collection, I have a small (empty) cardboard circular primer container for “Amorces” Primers. It also states “Made in Germany” these words are in a circle around a symbol which resembles a “B”.

As it is in cardboard and not tin, and a circular “box”, it just seems interesting, so any info appreciated.

ALSO, any opinions please: I notice some folks include a small autobiography. It seems like a good way to introduce yourself. Any recommendations as to what to include without writing the encyclopedia Britanica?


Hello Jack, and welcome to the IAA Forum!

When you first made this post, I was researching “primers”… Today, I might be able to shead some light on your container, on the other hand, I could be wrong…

I am thinking your “Amorces Primer” box, could be primers for a German made “pre-flint” lighter…

Here is the link I stumbled across…

I hope this helps you out some.

Best Regards,

Thank you RP for the site. I am rapidly learning posting a picture would help, when I’m asking questions, and when I get a chance I’ll get a photo up of the tiny box (maybe the diameter of a quarter). That site is an excellent read!
Jack J

Not a problem Jack. And yes, pictures say more than words.

Btw, regardless if your container is not cartridge related persay, it is still a really neat antique by the sounds of it!


Since you are online- may a complete stranger ask for some direction???- what is the “practice Forum” ? I want to ask the rookie question…what are the best ways to catalog you collection.

  • I am just starting- with only maybe 900 unique ( I am guessing) cartridges and primer boxes . I don’t want to spend hundreds of hours “cataloging” them by a method I devised- only to find everyone uses a specific “spread sheet”…and I will have to do it all over again.

If you were me, under what category would you ask this question, and how do you get to the practice area?

1000 thanks, if you can just point me in any direction.



I understand your dilemma… The “practice forum” is for trying different things forum related… I.e: Messing around trying to post photos, or website URLs, and have them actually work.

You may also want to post ALL your questions in the “general discussion”, where you posted your second question… Lots more people will view your question there, as not too many people check out the “practice forum”

With regards to “cataloging” your collection, when I joined the IAA (not quite 1yr ago), I was supplied with a magazine entitled “A Guide To Collecting Ammunition (3rd Edition)” there is a section called “record keeping”. It is an informative read… That same info can be found on the IAA homepage here:

I only recently started to catalogue my cartridge collection, as I was faced with the same dilemma… For me, I logged the name of the company, place of origin, size (rim, bullet, and overall length), headstamp, colour, and any other details about the cartridge. There is no “specific spread sheet” to use, but once you create a simple format to use, it just takes time to fill in.

Hope this all helped out some.


Thank you Dave. This can be an intimidating web site to the newbie- I appreciate your help!
I will re-locate that publication.
I am guessing many advanced people chat for hours on how they catalog, and what method is best. (Like guys discussing the best Deer hunting caliber)
I imagine if I search long enough, I might be able to find a product that- once I enter my info for each specimen- will be able to access it in various ways from various search parameters.
Again- thank you for your help!


No problem Jack!

I know what you mean about the intimidation factor, I felt the same at first.

I am quite “new” myself, to collecting and to the IAA. But no matter what the question is, and who asks it, it will inevitably get answered by someone at some point.

EVERYONE on the forum is helpful and friendly too! So no worries!