My homemade 8mm Kropatschek cartridge

Greetings to all, this is my first post. I am attaching a picture of the cartridge, formed from a .348 Winchester case, necking down in a 8mm Lebel die. I put a bevel on the base with my lathe. Used a Lee 205 cast bullet and 70 grains of pyrodex to complete.

Here is the case after firing…

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Good one, but nothing new.
AVB Tech Services has been making Kropatschek cases (8×56R smokeless spec) since the 1990s…bevelled rim too, and annealed.
If one really requires an 8x60R (BP) case for M1885 Guedes, and M1886 Krop., we can do them as well…50-90 Sharps straight.

Doc AV