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WANTED: "Special Purpose"

The more specialized & odder, all the better; “color tipped’ rounds up thru .50 BMG; KTW Teflon variations; flechettes, US 37mm flares, all “less lethal”; EOD disruptor rounds; launching cartridges; tool & industrial rounds, worldwide engine starters, “CADS” (cartridge activated devices); Hollifield Dotters. (lots of trade stock)

WANTED “Tear Gas”

Vintage US tear gas items, especially pen guns, “billy” and baton launchers (to include the crossover to flares). Generally, .38 caliber and up thru shot shells .410 to 37/40 mm). Early “beer can” sized canisters; no “gun show” hand loads. Reference material, instructions, packaging, and advertising. (lots of trade stock)

Pepper Burruss Cell 920(dash)660(dash)7704, e-photos appreciated, pepperburruss(at)

OK, how’s this for special purpose?

Flashlight Flare #1

Flashlight Flare #2