My New German 13mm AT Cartridge

Here are some pics of my first 13mm German AT cartridge (I do have a WWII 7,92mm necked down version)…


September 1918 dated…

The case was inked when I got it.

I was helping a friend at a local show this weekend, and there was an older dealer with a bunch of screaming cartridges, ordnance, books, etc…and I wothout much money! I told my buddy there were some screaming deals, and we hot footsed it over to grab some stuff…I helped him pick out a minty WWII Navy 5" 38 case, a 105 M68 Tank gun case, a WWII 90mm gun case, a WWII 3" gun case, 37mm WWII cases, rimmed and SR flavors, a 40mm bofors round, 75mm pack howitzer case, M8 something something APFSDS penetrator, and a few others I forget…all for $150! We missed the darned complete clip of 4 40mm bofors rounds with original painted projectiles for $75!

I did manage to pick this, a complete box of St. Louis 1943 pink tipped tracer with the striped box, and a few really good reference books (paid $15 for the 13mm, $25 for the box of tracer).

My buddy gave me another $100 and said pick him out some more stuff, I grabbed him 4 different .50 cal Salvo Squeeze bore rounds, a 1939 WI .55 boys round, a 20mm TP round with nice original stencilled M99 projectile, a WWII German 20mm case, and a really nice complete US 30mm TP round…

Apparently all this stuff was in one collection, of a supposedly well known cartridge collector in the WNY area (I didn’t get a name), the guy was a 30 year army vet, and died recently…This gentleman was selling everything for the family…there was a lot still there when we left Sunday, a lot of the really good stuff was already sold, and a lot more really good stuff is supposedly going up on ammoauction…so heads up.

Too bad I was broke this weekend, I would’ve like to grab more!

Anyone know who the collector was?