My New Little British Bottleneck Centerfire Cartridge

I seem to have gotten lucky, twice, because I found this a couple years ago, lost it almost immediately, and re-found it last night.

The note says, “Martini-Henry Cartridge Mk II for Morris Aiming Tube”,
and I wonder if that IS the correct name for the cartridge, rather than just what it goes with? Definitely one of the coolest rounds I have!

It measures appx: .875"/22.22mm OAL, .344"/8.73mm Rim, .223"/5.67mm Bulllet Dia, .239"/6.07mm Neck Dia, .277"/7.05mm Neck Dia., no markings anywhere.

.297/230 Morris. These were made in long and short styles.

Aiming Tube Mk.2 G&B

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Nice box John.

Thanks Darren,
Am indebted to Jim Buchanan for a lot of Morris Tube photos.
You may like the one which has both Morris Tube and 297/230 on the label.
The other rimfire is also of interest.
297-230 Morrise Tube Mk II copy
Morris Mk I Rimfire packet 2

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The Morris Tube is basically a subcaliber device made for several different types of guns, varying in the method of installing them and retaining them in place. They include provisions for extraction of the fired cases, usually with a sliding sleeve type part in or around the chamber.
IMA Antiques had one for sale, and have 11 excellent photos showing details on the left side of their page:

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So… is mine the “long” or the “short”, and how much is the difference between them?

A good friend who collects Japanese [rifles, MGs, knee mortar, etc.] and British [rifles, PH sights] Arms has a Moris Aiming Tube.

You have the short one. Case length is .58" and .80" respectively.

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There is also an “extra- long”, used as a rook rifle calibre.
And not only was it used in “tubes”, but Greener produced a Cadet Martini on Francotte’s patent, and there were “MLE” with barrels in .297/230 ( Q^G).

Doc AV down under.

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Badger Jack,
attached factory drawing of the short version.

Jim Buchanan



there were two Mks. versions of the short one, see attached pic.
internal bullet base difference only.
I have fired hundreds of these in various weapons, they were also used in revolvers.

Jim Buchanan!

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Jim, thanks, I am going to print those out and keep with the catridge!


As you might guess these were eventualy replaced in the services by the .22 rimfire .


BadgerJack, for info, here’s a picture of the .297-230 Short, beside the .297-230 Long version, & beside that the .297-250 Rook Rifle just for good measure!


Cool, thanks!
I think I have one of those Rook cartridges… somewhere…