My new website


I have finished my website enough to share it with you all! Take a look at it, the pinfire section is coming along pretty good. What other information would you like to see? A blog? More pictures of each cartridge? Dimensions? Eventually I will add more info on manufactures of each cartridges, and more detailed info on the particular sample.

The synopsis:

Free the Collection
So many collections look like this; [image of rows of file drawers] concealed to never see the light of day. I decided to give my collection a new home. No longer will my collection have to remain unseen; veiled from the presence of all human observance. I declare freedom to my whole collection so that any one who may want to behold it can and shall!

What you will find here
Contained in these pages is an ongoing work to catalog my collections. Its main focus will be my collection of cartridges: mostly older and collectible ammunition. You may also find other weapons such as ancient and medieval maces. There is also a section dedicated to the removal of my duplicates into a home such as yours where they can live peaceably in a new collection where they are not striving and competing for the sole attention of their owner.[/quote]


Aaron–It looks like you are off to a good beginning. I look forward to seeing how you present the cartridges. You asked for suggestions. I suggest a good headstamp image alongside a profile image of each cartridge with the manufacture name and location when known. This could turn into a good reference site.


Ron, if you check the 2mm, 12mm, and 15mm sections they are complete with the profile image of each cartridge. is a good example of a cartridge with profile, headstamp, info, manufacture, etc. Eventually all the cartridges listed will look like this one.

I like the idea of including location on all. I have put it in with manufacturer on some, but it may be good to have its own section.

Also, I was thinking about maybe a date range for each cartridge.


Nice job on the site, looks good so far.

I started putting scans of all my .303 headstamps online at one stage using the yahoo geocities free service. However that all ended when the free service was closed down. As I work full time I simply do not have enough time to put into the upkeep of another site, even though I would like to. At least with the free service it wasn’t costing me anything for the domain name, so I could work on it when I found some time to do it.


Wonderfull site!! and a lot of work…

keep up the good work!!

best regards



You will be officially tapped for your creative expertise when we (IAA) formulate a plan of attack to work on the IAA website (to date, fully pulled along on the coattails of John Spangler)…you have a nice plan for your own site. Best wishes “young guy with a Hummer”

Pepper Burruss
IAA President
"old guy with an Avalanche"


Excellent! One of the reasons I gravitated away from active cartridge collecting was the whole displaying and sharing aspect. What good is having thousands of specimens that live in boxes and drawers that only you alone get to see? Had the internet come at the time I was active, had the time, and was more tech-savvy and not so old fashioned, I would have liked to do something similar to what you have done. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing the updates!




Aaron–I apologize for not looking at the Pinfire section the first time. Had I done so, I would have seen that you are doing exactly what I proposed. Good work. I would make one other suggestion. You might want to Bold the words “Size”, “Headstamp” and “Manufacturer” to make them stand out from the rest of the information. I think it would make readability a little easier.

As for putting date ranges on the listings, it is a good idea, but not easy to do accurately. Beginning and ending dates are really elusive, even when you have good runs of the catalogs for a company. Introduction dates are normally at least a few months if not a year or more BEFORE they show up in a catalog. And of course, the last date shown in a catalog just means, usually, just the end of NORMAL production. But a certain cartridge may have been still in inventory by the company for many years, sometimes 10+ years, until stocks are finally sold out. About the best you can do is say “Circa (Ca.)” a range of dates. Dan Shuey’s 2 volumes on W.R.A.Co. and my own recently released CD on U.M.C, will help for those two companies, but dates for most companies will be guesses at best.

Are you open to contributions from other collectors for rounds not in your collection, or is this just going to be a catalog of what you have. Do you see it as a U.S. version of the Spanish Municion ( site?


I am always welcoming donations of cartridges to my collection, but I know that’s not what you meant. ;-)
I had envisioned this as just my own personal collection, but I would not rule out making it more of a research site in the future with contributions of others. I could easily make this where people can easily upload cartridges and info, and be added onto the site after a moderator approval; or even add or edit additional information on existing cartridges.

I like the Spanish site, , and actually used it to get the manufacturer of a couple headstamps. This could easily be a English language version site similar to what you can get on there; for pinfires, floberts and rimfires at least. The advantage of my site specially would be 10 years newer web technology. And once I get the framework down for an easy content management system it could easily be extrapolated to cover more types of cartridges.

One benefit of using dynamic data, and databases rather than static pages is it gives you so much more power and flexibility to use the data. An example; within minutes I could add a page that would list all the pinfires by manufacturer instead of caliber. All I do is tell the page to search the existing database by manufacturer instead and I do not have to make multiple new pages or manually add new entries in. If I add a new cartridge it would automatically just show up everywhere it needs to without me having to go in and manually edit each page to include. Actually, I just did this. By changing like 5 words in the coding i now have all pinfires ordered by manufacturer ( just as an example.



Very impressive! It is the growth of specialty sites like this that will add to the depth and stature of the hobby. I hope that the IAA home site managers will see fit to include your site in the “Links to Related Sites” listing. (A hint to Pepper / JohnS. ?!)

Also impressive is your insight on the fact that most everyone who devotes time to the advacement of cartridge collecting and the understanding of ammunition in general are very willing to share their knowledge. As well, what collector does not like to show the items they have labored to aquire? This is a fantanstic example of the venues that now are available for this purpose.

Glad to see your technical skills applied to this very admirable venture!



OK. It’s been a month now, and as of a few minutes ago I have completely finished putting images of all pinfires online. I also changed the site a little bit to help usability; with more tweaks coming in the future.

I also added an updates page that can easily be checked to see recent updates.

Floberts will be added next.

I am still welcoming any suggestions for improvements, or features you would like to have available. Critiques just make me better!



I like the various 2 mm blank versions, very nice items. I have the ball load too in my collection

Don’t know the maker