My newest bullet display

Hi all, here are some pictures of my newest bullet display. I mounted a poster on 1/4" hardboard, and then made a frame and shelves with walnut. I used a laser etcher to create labels and dates for the rounds on a black painted aluminum sheet and glued it to the shelf. Once I get it mounted on the wall and add the bullets to the shelves I will take some more pictures and send them out.

Let me know what you all thing!


*think (stupid typos…)

Looks like it was made by some ammunition company, looks great!

Just to be clear, there are no actual cartridges there, right?

Correct. It’s a little hard to tell in the pictures. What you are seeing is the background poster. When I get it mounted on the wall and start adding the cartridges I have it will be more clear. The neat thing is this way you can see that cartridges that are missing as you begin building up your collection.

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