My ordnance forum,please take a look!


Hello Everyone,

I have set up an ordnance forum,dealing mainly with large calibre items and fuzes etc.
I’d appreciate it if you would take a look,and if you like what you see JOIN!!

Here is the address,

If you use AOL then you may have to go in through Internet Explorer,as there is some problem with the forum software and AOL

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This looks like a very good Forum for the big stuff. Although there is no connection to the IAA Forum, it should make a good companion Forum to ours.


Thanks Ron!

All registrations have now been set up,so feel free to post away!

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Sweet! I just checked it out and it looks nice. I love the large bore stuff and wish their were more of it here on this forum. I’ll go threw your link more carefully latter and join :-)



Thanks Jason!

Also thanks to everyone who has joined so far!



Just bumping this back to the top in case some of you missed it!



I was just re-reminded of your site. I totally forgot and will join. I really like the way that 37MM case was sectioned in the “Complete Round” thread.



Hi Jason,
Did you join?
If so,what username do you have?



Hi Andy!
Just joined under the same id, APFSDS :-) Thanks




I registered at your forum and was accepted. The site looks great. However, when I read the rules prior to posting replys, pictures, or new threads, I was frankly very surprised that you do not allow pictures of live ammunition, just inert.

Are things really so bad in the UK that even pictures of live ammunition are not allowed?

What’s going on here?



Hi Mel,

Thanks for your comments.

I took a look again at the rules and realised I meant to say pictures of inert large calibre items,pics of live small arms ammo are acceptable (provided that it is legal to possess in your country!)

I have now amended the rules!

Kind regards,



What’s the cutoff between small arms ammunition and “large caliber?” Is a 700 N.E. a “large caliber?” A 20mm, or 40mm MBA gyrojet? You see where I’m going here.

It’s your forum and you can obviously make whatever rules you want. I’ll read them and abide by them if I choose to participate, which, based on what I’ve seen, I think I’d like to do.

But what’s the point? What possible harm does a photograph of an unusual live artillery round do? And what possible difference does it make whether the item pictured is legal to own in my country? My submission might be a photograph of an interesting round of Soviet artillery, such as was used for their cloud-seeding experiments and that most cartridge collectors don’t even know about. Just because I can’t legally own a certain quantity of high explosive, or an atomic bomb, doesn’t mean that I don’t have some great pictures of these that other collectors might be interested in (the inventor of the gyrojet was a key member of the WWII Manhattan Project staff at Los Alamos).

Are we really at the point where a picture of something not politically correct is verboten? I hope not. But as I said, it’s your site and I’ll abide by your rules.


Hi Mel,

For the forum,large calibre is an artillery round 37mm and above.

Things become difficult when you consider the differences between what you can legally own here in the UK and what you can legally own in the USA.

As long as what you own is legal,then I have no objection whatsoever to you posting pictures of it.

Pictures of items you don’t own (e.g, an atom bomb!),are ok to be posted too for reference purposes.

Anything owned by a member which is deemed by law to be illegal to possess cannot be posted,for example,someone using a metal detector finds a live 88 projectile and posts it on the forum for ID,then this post would be removed.

I hope this helps?

Kind regards,