My turn...what are they? (new photo's added)

What do I have here?

These are 20 mm “slugs” …assumed for testing plate… (see the aluminum punch out piece that matches the slug “face”

Question…am I right?

How are they in a projo?

Simply a wind nose over the “test slug” ?

(what do they look like before they are fired ?)

Second item(s)

Are these the fractured “tails” of a penetrator of some type?

Pepper, the top image is showing shrapnel simulators (usually fired with plastic sabots and they exist in a variety of calibers and parent cases) and what you have on top is the punched out piece of metal from the target material.

As for the conical items I have no idea right now.

Pepper, the first ones are 20 mm Fragment Simulating Projectiles used to simulate artillery shell fragments according to NATO STANAG 4569 standards (Protection Levels for Occupants of Logistic and Light Armored Vehicles). Regards, Fede.

Im going to take a long shot at the bottom ones and say barrel slugging blanks

Fede and EOD are correct as usual. These are standard Frag Simulators used in testing. There are a lot of specialized variations, most I know of were made to simulate the frags from anti-aircraft missile warheads. They came in various sizes and shapes and were fired from both 20mm and 30mm weapons. There were various types of plastic sabots since most of he frags were cubic.


Fede (& EOD)

Thanks (it does not surprise me that you would come to my aid)

Here are a couple photos of 20 mm’s “embedded” in an aluminum plate test...(one from each direction)

You’ll note the nose of a very sharp “nose” of a 50 cal A/P core...and a hole of the opposite direction)

Also here is a .50 cal of the same shaped test slug as the 20m you ID’d...and it’s mated pushed out slug of aluminum

The .50 cal & 20 mm test slugs sure resemble the Fragmentation projo of the 30-06 as described in Chris Punnett’s book...are they remotely related ???

I’m pretty sure the item at the far right is a quarter.

Detailed dimensions and weights can be found in specification MIL-P-46125A for cubes and MIL-P-46593B for FSPs.

Got to and click on “A to Z”. In the list, click on ASSIST database. Search for fragment in the title. Last time I tried, the specifications could be downloaded as PDF files.