Mysterious blank

I know someone will recognize this one right away, need blank ID. Details are as follows:

  1. 78.4mm (3.08 in) OAL
  2. 13.7mm (.4 in) rim diameter
  3. Where the “projectile” base is, is about 7.7mm.
  4. Rimmed. image image

In the picture is this blank next to a .303 and a 54r cartridge. It seems to be in the middle. No headstamp on base and even the base isn’t quite like the other two.

Looks like a 30-40 Krag. also known as 30 US army.

Yes sir, I just figured it out. When I was going through more cartridges I found these, labeled them when I figured out what they were, then realized the blank was a Model 1893 ‘whole case’ blank. I’m still looking for what the one in the far right is…

This is the head stamp from the one in the far right, any ideas?

It could be a .30-40 fireformed in a .303 chamber, but if the bullet is larger than .30, as it sort of appears to be, it could be that someone with more time on his hands than is good rebarreled a Krag for some sort of .30-40/8x57 wildcat or similar confection. Jack

I’ve concluded it’s a dingbat, and this has ended up in that box. That box is growing but. It too much lol

How about an Ackley improved Krag? Is there such a cartridge?
found this:

Basically same as a 30 06 measure one to it I have several older reload books to help I reload alot of my own and have boxes and boxes of different shells lead powder etc. 1000’s of different shells inherited taking months to go through excellent condition

I also have a lot of dingbat reloads… look cool for sure!

Why is the .303 Inspectors round in there? Silver one, on top of all the others?

I wish… it’s a 7.62 Russian with a short projectile…

Next to a normal one

Ahh - from the angle it looked different. Now that I am looking at it on my computer I can clearly see that it isn’t a .303.

It’s a dingbat! Lol

It is a Hungarian made case loaded with a short range proj. (actually a FMJ, lead core) in the GDR.

It looks like a frangible ball when I look close but I’m not familiar with shorter projectiles in this round. It would be nice to resurrect one from the dingbat box though

It is just a blackened FMJ.

Why is it shorter than all the other loads?

It is a short range and the proj. is lighter.
Defacto it is a jacket of a 7.62x39 tracer which was fitted with a lead core.