Mystery 30-06 stripper clip

Looking at Kevins display boards reminds me of something that I’ve meant to enquire about for ages.

There are late type 30-06 stripper clips with an intertwined ‘CT’ on the base. The clips are finished in dark grey phosphate. Clips for this calibre are rarely marked so this one stands out.

Does anyone know where and by whom these clips were made?

Happy collecting, Peter


I think it is from Italy - Societ

S.M.I. usually marks their stuff with those initials, not T.C. or C. T. I cannot say that it is not that, though.

Turkey has used the .30-06 - Turkish troops in Korea were armed with the M1 rifle and other american weapons. One of the normal symbols for marking Ordnance used by Turkey are the initials T.C. intertwined, which stand for "T

I’ve inverted the pic to make the marking ( CT ) stand out better

O.K. My guess is probably not correct. That is not the usual form of the intertwined TC used by Turkey to denote the “Turkish Republic.” In the Turkish Form, the “T” is dominant, with the “C” intertwined on the vertical stem of the letter “T.” Here, I would call the letter “C” dominant. I have no clue on this. Perhaps the SMI identification is correct, although again, it would be unusual for them not to simply use the initials “SMI” unless this was done so it could not be confused with the Austrian “SMI” (Sud-Steyrische Metallwaren Industrie Assman, Leibnitz, Austria. Since Austria is not a NATO country, the use of “SMI” by both Italian and Austrian firms has caused confusion in the past.

Hoever, in a sense, the marking doesn’t look like “TC” or “CT” at all, as the “C” would be facing the wrong way in relation to the “T”.

At any rate, I have no clue. Sorry about the bad guess. Again, we see that a picture is worth a lot of words.

Here’s a pic from enfield56

Its an interesting marking, because it really isn’t an intertwined “C” and “T”, or at least from the orientation of the two symbols, it doesn’t seem to be as the “C” would be backwards. It may just be a company trademark of some sort. I don’t collect these clips, but I have had many Springfield clips go thru my hands (I used to shoot a modified Remington 03A3 Springfield in matches, and then got a modified Springfield M1903 from a friend he used in the Camp Perry Matches in 1937, 38, and 39. It was rebarreled for him in 1939, with a new star-gauged barrel. It shoots better. I no longer shoot CF rifle matches, and used a NM M1 and a Match M1A (M14 type) until I quit. I still have the 03 Springfield and the NM Garand, although the latter needs tuning - it has lost its “gilt edge.”

I have used these clips and don’t recall ever seeing one with the trademark in question. Most of the clips I had were brass, although I had some steel, both with and without the little clips (which break off after a time) on the ends. I preferred the last version steel clip without the little projections, but never could find enough of them. They looked like the NATO charger but had two bumps on each side, like the normal, earlier 03 clips, and not just one.

I was looking thru my box of M1 Garand clips for markings for a friend of mine, and my old bag of 03 Springfield clips was in the box. I said above I didn’t remember ever seeing this “C T” marking or whatever it represents. Well, I found two of them in my stuff. These are clips I used when I was shooting an 03A3, and then a 1903 (modified to a match rifle) in matches. It must be over 35 years ago. I do not know this, but this leads me to believe that this is an american-made clip. I don’t think at that time there were many, if any, foreign Springfield clips around. I suppose there could have been, but I don’t recall ever seeing any.

I suppose this clip will remain a mystery unless it turns up in a sealed box of 30-06 but thank you to everyone for their suggestions.

The 30-06 was made in a great number of variations but is not often seen marked. Apart from this one there are a very few early ones stamped ‘W’ and ‘R’ as well as the ones with the patent dates on them… the search continues.