Mystery 30mm projectile

Hello everyone,
I have posted this to some FB pages as well as the BOCN and so far I have not got much back.

I got this projectile from the recent group of items I got. This one specifically came along with the 40x180mm Bushmaster dummy as they both came from a gentleman who worked at the factory. He only said that it was an unfinished 30mm projectile.

I noticed once I got it it is extremely similar to an M789 30x113b HEDP projectile except it seems to have a tracer unit on the back instead of the typical semi round bottom. It even goes as far as fitting a M759 fuze and the copper cone.

I dont know of any US M230 ammunition in use with a tracer unit, and I was unable to find any export rounds with one either. I was told on the BOCN that there is an experimental TP-T for the M230 but it is not in US service (XM977 TP-T). However the only photos of the XM977 I have found are not the same design as my projectile.

I am even more lost than when I began!


30mm1 30mm2

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Bringing this back but for info’s sake I found out what the projectile is.

It’s an ATK made 30x113mm LW30 HEI-T.

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