Mystery 45 M1911 ACP drill-dummy round

I could not find this round in, H W S “History of Modern US military small arms ammunition” , it is a Drill-Dummy round that seems to be made in the British style, it has a steel Grey zinc plated case with 4 evenly spaced holes .4 of an inch from the base thru which can be seen a Red wood distance piece , the headstamp is E C 42 struck copper primer, round nose GM jacketed bullet which is magnetic , was this a US issue or was it made for the Brits. ?? was it given a Model or Test no. thanks Randy

Randy - you have acquired an excellent .45 cartridge. This scarce form of dummy is from Australia. I have the identical round, which I got out of Australia. The Ozzies used a sprinkling of Thompson Submachine Guns along with their excellent 9mm Owens and other SMGs of British types during the war.

To the best information that I have been able to find out, these rounds were made as dummies in Australia, not by the united States, on fired cases from ammunition supplied to them by the U.S. for their Tommy Guns.

My specimen is the identical description and headstamp to yours - E C 42.

My impression is that these drill rounds are now quite scarce.

Thanks for the good info John Randy