Mystery 9mm Rev

Mystery to me, at least. I’m sure it’s stupidity or blindness, but I have been unable to positively identify this round.
It has a paper-patched, flat tip, tinned steel bullet, brass case and primer, and no headstamp.
OA length 29.98mm/1.18in.
Cs length 16.4mm/.646in.
PP diam. 9.58mm/.377in.
Diam. above PP 9.01mm/.355in.
Diam. at cs mth. 9.60mm/.378in.
Diam. at head 9.61mm/.379in.
Diam. at rim 11.01mm/.434in.

Thanks in advance for the education.

There is a 9.6mm x 16 Cattle Killer rd that has a paper patched bullet that is close to the dimensions you have given. But I wouldn’t say that thats your rd 100%.

I agree, a 9.6x16 R Cattle Killer, the steel capped bullet is a major clue

Thanks for the info. Guess it doesn’t fit my collection…what’s it worth?