Mystery ammunition

can anyone help with 3 odd looking bullets that i have had in an old tin box since i was a lad , there are 3 0f them numbered 1,2,and 3 they are made of lead entirely and are in 2 parts they are held together by a spring and piece of wire they are 2" long and approx .577 cal they dont have a rim on the cartridge end but have a small bit of lead stickin up as per a pinfire cartridge they have a patent no 114326 stamped on them along with a crows foot , many thanks in advance ( i would add a photo if i could find a way how ) Hugh p.s these are located in scotland uk … can someone tell me how to upload photo’s please

Patent number 114326 is by John North, & is dated May 2, 1871. It is for an improvement in Millstone-Dressing Guides.

The US patents are on the net.