Mystery can

What is in this can?


I’m assuming .45 ACP, but the Soviet style packing doe not jive with the brass case markings to my mind.


do you have an image for us where we can read the whole box marking?

The markings on the can are:

11,43 cartridge pistol
ball brass case

I have no other information besides what is stenciled on the top of the can.


no chance to look inside?

No, I only have the picure and the person who posted it did not open the can.


  • @ AKMS: The ammo from the tin box is .45 ACP. I would say the ammo was made in Russia for export. Too bad you don’t have a close photo of the tool which opens the tin box, I could compare it with an original Russian one. Liviu 10/25/07

I think noone argued it not to be Russian.
The Russians had several different designs of can openers over the decades and throughout the manufacturers.