Mystery Cartridge Case

I’m looking for someone who can identify what kind of cartridge case this is, as shown in the linked photo images. All I have is spent cartridges, so I don’t know what they looked like before they were fired. I acquired them in buckets of old brass from the estate of an avid marksman.

Photo 1:
Side-by-side view of mystery cartridge, and a .308 dummy round.
It has the general appearance and dimensions of a .308 cartridge. But where the bullet should be, there is instead a long tube extension to the case.

Photo 2:
The headstamp says “LC” and “85”. So this is a military cartridge of some type, from the Lake City Army ammunition plant.

Photo 3:
Peering inside the neck tube, which is now empty.

Blanks are usually crimped on the end, unlike this specimen. I’ve never seen anything like this one.

Can anyone identify it?

  • John Rich
    Houston, Texas

It is a US-made 7.62 NATO blank. I’m sure someone will get on with all the model and mark details.

M82 Blank. Unfired, it had a red cardboard wad keeping the guts in.

John, if you use the “img” option on photobucket, photos are posted directly.


John–I fixed your pictures for you.

hello this is the M 82 cartridge, it is a blank cartridge

Looking up M82 ammo in my copy of “Cartridges of the World”:

Ballistic Performance: Perforations in paper screen shall be less than .1 inch in diameter at 15 ft. from muzzle of gun.

Wad: .030 inch tagboard or chipboard.


  1. SR4759, 17.5 grs.
  2. HPC-2, 14.5 grs.
  3. WC818, 14.5 grs.

Identification: No bullet, crimped mouth, double tapered neck, and orifice sealed with…

Oops, the book just truncates that sentence like that without an ending!

Thanks for that I.D.! Never saw one like that before. Now I know.