Mystery Cartridge

I believe this is some kind of British subcal cartridge. Anyone confirm this? Anyone have a photo of a complete round with projectile?

Headstamp is RG 90

Rimmed case
Rim = .346"
Rim = .066" thick
Case = .295" wide
Case= 1.114" long

This one is obviously damaged.

Any help is appreciated.

I havent got one of mine handy to measure… but heres a guess…
Is it a 22 Hornet blank out of the back of a 9x51mm SMAW cartridge?
This is a definite possibility as I know I have them with RG 83 and 88 headstamps. I hope this helps :)

Agree entirely, it is the .22 Hornetout of a 9mm SMAW spotter round. See October 2005 Cartridge of the Month for a sectioned picture.


Thanks TonyE… as always… I bow to your superior knowledge :D

I don’t remember where I got the case from but do recall that I was told it was for a subcal. I guess this is a subcal of sorts :D

Thanks all.

While we’re at it, have any RG Hornet rounds ever been available as normal .22 Hornet ammo? I’ve only ever seen them as part of a SMAW round.

No. The RG Hornet cases are only used as blanks in the SMAW.

The only “civilian” rounds RG have ever made are the .38 Specials they tried and failed to make properly for a police contract back in the late seventies, although they do now make JHP 9mm for the police.


Does the RAF issue any kind of “Survival Rifle”? If so, what round(s) does it use?

The RAF are not trusted with “guns” of any sort ever. ;-)