Mystery Case? - ".410 X 73 MAG."


Recently found some empty brass cases with headstamp “.410 x 73 MAG.“
and above that what appears to be"Gn3” with the 3 having an extended tail passing under the n.
The cases are 69 mm long with straight sides. They measure 11.90 mm in diameter at the neck and above the rim. The rim is 13.5 mm in diameter and 1.05 mm thick.
I can not find anything of this description in 'Cartridges Of The World” or on the internet.
Does anyone have any idea what these might be?

BlueSkies! delta8672


Welcome to the Forum. I’m not sure just who made the items you describe, but I think those may be .410 shotshells in 3" Magnum configuration. In recent years there has been manufacture of all metallic shotgun shells in the former Soviet states (and perhaps other places?). Not sure how these fair in price or function compared to the current plastic case/brass based type shotshells, but they’re out there. The headstamp is interesting as that’s not typical nomenclature!


They should had been shortened to fit a standard length chamber ( 70 mm)

I think you’ll find it is manufactured for or by BARNUAL, the cartridge I have is zinc coated steel, brass coloured primer, loaded with a slug. Cheers

Or maybe like these?


In the U.S. the two common lengths for the .410 are 2-1/2" (63.5mm) and 3" (76.2mm). I would guess the actual length of 69mm (2.72") is the unfired length of a crimped paper or plastic 3" Magnum (or there abouts) and the length held with the metallic case for function through a repeating action.


Dave ,
yes , but Delta is talking about fired or empty cases that should show the exact length .

Since they are 69 mm long they could had been shortened from the original 73 mm .Anyway I always founs brass shotshells a bit shorter than the paper / plastic ones .

All my shotshells samples are 62 mm instead of 65 mm that would be the nominal length