Mystery German 8mm box

The label is all blackened and unreadable. There is a “38” stamp on the side of the box. Inside flap contains a 3 letter code and 1944 punched into the paper. I can’t read the letters. The box contains 15 brand spanking new 7.9x57 various P code cartridges with dates from 1935 to 1940, all green pa, one round has NO headstamp whatsoever. Is this a late war repack and that’s the reason the label is destroyed?

This could be also a post 1945 product as then German ammunition had many lords all around the world…

Initially, Ammo sent to Spain (SCW) had the Labels obliterated; I used to have several ( all gone now) with 1935 and 36 dated ammo; they were available in Aust. about the time IA bought out the Spanish Inventory…The second ( as stated ) Possiblilty is Post-war repack ( Czech, Italy, France, etc) for distribution in the Middle East.

The Packets were usually in similarly blacked-out “Tragepak” ( 300 rounds). ( Both the SCW and Post-War Middle Eastern). The Paint fits the Time Period–a Black, semi-gloss enamel. (Stove Black?)

AS seen in the early 2000s Milsurp out of Turkey, a lot of 1930s ammo sort of “went cold” in far-flung places like the Balkans and Greece etc, and was still available at the end of WW II; Many Countries were selling to both the Arabs and the Jews in Palestine before 1948, so the “Blacking out” would be pretty reasonable…

Doc AV

Until now I only notify this black marking on boxes that had something to do with Czechoslovakia. The Germans normally made a cross over the old label.

This label of repacked ammo is made in the beginning of WW2 under German occupation. This is only to show this way of marking the old boxes.