Mystery Military Round?

OK, here’s another one I can’t readily ID:
GMCS, brass case, empty Berdan primer pocket, no headstamp.
bullet diam 8.15mm
neck diam 8.87mm
head diam 11.69mm
rim diam 11.69mm
case length 43.99mm
o/a length 66.72mm
Any help appreciated.

Anyone have any info to compare this round to the Polte 7.9x45 experimental?

One of a series Auto-Carbine cartridge designs developped on the late 30s ( this one 1939)
For possible prototype use.
Eventually led to PP43 (7.9×33) for
MKb42, MP43, StG44 etc.
Kg Lehrpatrone == Short Rifle “Learning” ( Testing) Cartridge.

Concept trials.

Doc AV

Thanks, Magnum, that’s what I needed. My copy of that drawing is almost unreadable.


I made some measurements. The case is exactly 45 mm.
The round has also the “P M” head stamp.
Yours is still a mystery to me.



After thinking about Lew’s round a bit, does mine fit any rounds that you may have investigated?

The page below comes from Jean Huon’s “Fusils d’Assaut Francais”. In the top right corner there is a bit of info on an experimental French 8x44 cartridge. That’s the only reference I could find in the book, or anywhere else. Does anyone have any further info on the round?

huon.pdf (903.3 KB)