Mystery Object


I’m hoping someone can help us identify this mystery object. It looks the right sort of shape to be a shell, but it’s a bit short. It’s also quite heavily corroded, so no identification marks. The outer casing looks like cast iron or steel, and where it’s broken away at the tip I can see another metal, possibly lead.
It’s about 75mm diameter, and about 6" long. There is a hole in the base where you might expect a fuse or a tracer?
We found it sticking out of the ground, pointy end in, on a Welsh hillside. It was near a Wellington bomber crash site, so might be something to do with that, but I can’t imagine what!
I hope the photos uploaded, and look forward to any suggestions!


And never touch items you do not know exactly if they are harmless!


Looks like the head of an 11lb practice bomb,the nose pin assembly(brass) has been pushed in.also has holes for the safety pin and likely the remains of a lug mid way near the base.these were often made of pig iron so corrode messily.
EOD’s warning would be well heeded, particularly in respect of where you found this,crash sites often have scattered live munitions that surface many years later.


Thank you Takapu! You have solved the mystery!! I’ve done a quick Google search and that’s exactly what it is.