Mystery of Under Weight .45 ACP Cartridges

A friend was cataloging .45 ACP cartridges into his collection and noticed some odd things about a few rounds such as flat or slightly concave primers without primer seal (slightly domed primer with primer seal is typical of similar headstamped cartridges) and most notably a significant reduction in overall cartridge weight. Similar headstamped FMJ bulleted cartridges showed an overall weight of around 330 grains. The rounds in question weigh about 90 grains LESS. Three of the rounds are dated 41 or 42. Photos and descriptions that were sent to me are shown below:

Could these be WWII vintage Dairt “Oilite” or Palmer reloads or are these reloads by some other outfit?

DaveE provided some weight information on a Dairt projectile & reloaded cartridge in previous post, shown below:

But we don’t know how a Dairt bullet appears in comparison to a regular FMJ bullet.




In this old thread there are pictures of a Dairt projectile I pulled. Perhaps someone can “un-Photobucket” them?

I believe that all the items you show have headstamps known to be found in Dairt boxes. There is a checklist in this thread:


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The small flat tip your friend mentions is a start & a look with a good 10X or more glass will reveal what look to be very fine turn marks.
Perhaps complete, the below list was compiled by Jim Tillinghast, 12, July 1986 noting all were found in Dairt boxes.
dart 45 acp list

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