Mystery RF #1 (350 Sharps (9mm)


I was recently given several Rimfires, but a couple of them I can’t identify. They may be British, as the original owner was heavy in the British rounds

#1 Per Barber’s book, this one is longer in CL and OAL than the 340 RF, but shorter than the 35 S&W / 35 Allen # 62
No head stamp
Bullet .340 (8.6mm)
CL .777 (19.7mm)
OAL 1.148 (29.2mm)
Rim .403 (10.2mm)
Base .341 (8.7mm)
Mouth .340 (8.6mm)


Is this some varient of the rook and rabbit rifles that were so common in this country around the 1890s. Very hard to identify because they existed virually below the radar of serious ammunition, low budget imports for about a decade before the growing dominance of the .22 kicked in and wiped them out.

Mostly Belgian and at the “hardware” end of the market they escaped catalogues and references are now sketchy


This one is a 9 mm Sharps; also called 9 mm (No. 350) System Sharps lang, .350 lang Sharps, .350 lang für Büchsen, Kal. 350 lang Spitzkugel, etc. Some unheadstamped variations were made by Egestorff. Can you post a picture?


Thank you, it appears I didn’t look far enough down the page in my Barber Rimfire book.
This one is # 3 from the left, the background grid is 1/10 inch per division.