Mystery Rifle Grenade?

I was wondering if anyone here would have any input regarding what the origins of the below rifle grenade may be (images are in the link below)? It is marked “H 13” in a circle and has a serial number of “3207”. I have been discussing the origins of this with a few other collectors to no avail, besides coming to the uninformed guess that it is more than likely from the US due to the marking and the base looking very similar to the M17 rifle grenade. If anyone has any input it would be much appreciated!

Welcome here Mike!

This is no rifle grenade but a rocket motor with a later added brass head. Most likely for decorative purposes or as some sort of desktop ornament or so.

As you may have noticed the rear opening is not cylindrical like rifle grenades would be shaped (to fit the spigot on the rifle) but has the nozzle of a rocket motor.
And given the diameter of the fin section (I assume 2.36 inch - for the M1 Bazooka) the head should have the same diameter but it appears much smaller. Means no way it would be launchable from a launcher tube.


Thank you very much EOD!

I should’ve thought about the logistics of it firing from a rifle spigot before assuming it was a rifle grenade. That’s very interesting, I really appreciate your response and information!