Mystery Rimfire #2 (9mm Flobert Conical)


I was recently given several Rimfires, but a couple of them I can’t identify. They may be British, as the original owner was heavy in the British rounds
I’ve looked through Barber’s RF book, but couldn’t find anything that matched this one.
"E" headstamp
Bullet .348 (8.8mm)
CL .388 (9.9mm)
OAL .722 (18.3mm)
Rim .401 (10.2mm)
Base .349 (8.9mm)
Mouth .349 (8.9mm)


This is a 9 mm Flobert with conical bullet. It was designated by Eley as No. 3 Bulleted Conical, No. 3 Gallery (Conical), No. 3 Bulleted (Conical) Rim-Fire Cartridge, etc.


Thank you