Mystery rimmed cartridge help

Can I have some assistance identifying this one? I found it in a cigar box full of old ammo my grandfather gave me.
(New user so couldn’t post pics here)

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You can post deep links from imgur!
It’s called BBS Code

Hi DT523,
Google .43 Spanish Reformado.


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Thank you so much! I have been looking for this for months! Is there any way to tell how old this one is?

It is dated 1885

  Yes to the case, but I'm not sure about the bullet. 

Wiki has:" In 1869 the Spanish government put in an order for 10,000 rifles in this chambering.[4] The Spanish military version of the cartridge was later upgraded in 1889 to a “heavier, brass-jacketed reformado bullet”.[5]"
So probably reloaded after 1888? My guess…


Thank you!!

Bolivian too :wink:

Amic, Dan